About the Author

Over the years, I’ve been called a lot of things, and while the degree of veracity varies widely, I’ve no doubt most were borne from at least a legitimate perception of truth:  Lazy, Sluggish, Uncoordinated, Unmotivated;  Unskilled, Unreliable, Under-Employed, and Under-Prepared;  A Failure, a Fuck-Up, an Unacceptable Credit Risk, and any number of others I’ve mercifully forgotten.

The DSM-IV calls me “ADHD – Predominantly Inattentive sub-type,” though I’m sure a depressive feature or two sneaks in on occasion.  For my money, “the human equivalent to a slow-motion loop of high-speed disaster footage” feels about as accurate as anything.

Friends and Family usually just call me “John.”

In terms of what you can expect from this blog, I’ll try to keep it simple:

Let’s go with…  “Anti-Conventional.”

It’s like an unexpected twist on a familiar trope, but without reaching too far into obscurity or pretentiousness. Also, it suggests a fair amount of aimless, teenaged rebellion, which I sincerely hope is lurking in the shadows around here somewhere.

Otherwise, there really is just no excuse…


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